In case you weren’t aware, we flat-out love coffee. There’s no question about it. We eat, sleep, and breathe the glorious nectar known as coffee. Since we’re so enamored with the divine beverage, we figured we’d share it with the world via a number of different avenues, which all fall under the Buzz family name.

The Buzz family consists of four branches: Buzz Impressions, Buzz Beans, Buzz Cart, and Buzz Moment. Here’s the skinny on each of the branches!

Buzz Impressions Logo

Buzz Impressions

Buzz Impressions is our flagship program. This branch specializes in providing our clients with top-tier coffee and snacks when they set up shop at tradeshows. We provide a full-service package with professional baristas, premium coffee with all of the fixings, and delectable snacks. The real kicker is that everything is branded with our client’s logos. We etch their logo on the foam atop the lattes with our latte printer, we provide branded cups and sleeves, and either the snacks themselves or the packaging also feature our client’s logo.  At the end of the day, Buzz Impressions excels at connecting brands with their ideal clients at the right moment via indelible sensory experiences.

Buzz Beans

Buzz Beans is the foundation on which Buzz Impressions, Buzz Cart, and Buzz Moment were all built. Buzz Beans is our direct-to-customer e-commerce coffee branch. Our customers order their favorite blends of freshly roasted beans and we ship them directly to their doorstep. We abide by the small batch roasting practice so that we provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible. Buzz Beans also supplies Buzz Impressions, Buzz Cart, and Buzz Moment with the beans they require to cater to their clients.

Buzz Cart

Buzz Cart is essentially a scaled-down version of Buzz Impressions and is designed to cater to smaller events, such as weddings, graduation parties, and other similar social events. Our team takes care of everything from start to finish and offers packages that fit most any budget and guest list. 

Buzz Moment

Finally, we have Buzz Moment! This final branch of the Buzz family takes our delicious coffee to the customer and sets up shop around Janesville, WI. The mobile branch of the Buzz family serves up freshly brewed coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, mochas, and Americanos. They also offer a variety of chilled beverages, including iced lattes, iced coffee, and iced mochas. The Buzz Moment team also serves up tea and cocoa for the non-coffee drinkers out there! In addition to the extensive beverage menu, customers can also indulge in fresh breakfast treats such as muffins and scones.

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